Vinnies Winter Appeal

The Vinnies Winter Appeal is a National campaign which helps Vinnies to help others when they need it most. It takes place from May to August each year, and raises awareness of pressing issues such as homelessness, cost of living pressures and energy affordability.

It also helps to raise much-needed funds and material goods to support people experiencing hardship locally.

As a school, you can get involved in a variety of ways. When deciding how your school is able to contribute, just remember to keep in mind the needs of your local community, to make sure your contribution can have the biggest impact. If you need tips on what help is most needed in your community, get in touch with your local Vinnies contact.

Some ideas to get your school involved:

  • Run a winter woolies drive to collect blankets, coats and other warm clothing to donate to Vinnies.
  • Set up pop-up op shops during winter to raise much needed funds for people experiencing homelessness, and donate the leftover items to Vinnies.
  • Hold a School Sleepout (see below for more info!)
  • Place Winter Appeal posters and donation boxes around your school.
  • Run a hot chocolate stall every morning to raise funds.
  • Knit a blanket as a team, that can be auctioned or donated.
  • Have a student present to the school assembly about the additional needs of people experiencing homelessness during the cold winter months.

Download the Schools Kit here:

School Sleepout

School Sleepouts are a great way for students to get involved, by getting a glimpse of the realities of homelessness on a personal level by ‘sleeping rough’ for one night. The Sleepout encourages students and teachers to gain a deeper understanding of homelessness, raise awareness of the realities faced by people experiencing homelessness and raise funds to support Vinnies homeless services in the local community.

You can find the official Sleepout Information Kit, Resource Kit, Application Form, and more inspiration here:

Spread the word!

It’s always a great idea to share what you’re doing with your school community to get more support and raise awareness. Some ways you can share your initiatives with your school community include: sharing it in the school newsletter, school website or social media; presenting to school assemblies, and; putting posters around the school.

The Impact

With the help of your school, and hundreds of other schools and communities across Australia, we can provide assistance to people experiencing:

  • Homelessness
  • Family violence
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug, alcohol and gambling addiction

We also provide assistance to:

  • People living with disabilities
  • Young people facing hardships
  • Migrants and refugees