As a volunteer based organisation we offer rewarding opportunities for young people (from kindergarten through to university!) to take action. Whether you’re a student or teacher looking to engage your school or university or you’re looking to volunteer your time individually, we have a range of opportunities for you to learn, reflect and support your community.

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“I love the Society’s vision of offering a “hand up” to people in need by respecting their dignity, sharing hope and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.”

– Faith, Parramatta Youth Rep

“I’m passionate about empowering youth with the skills and confidence to be impactful members of their communities. I’m a qualified architect and graphic designer, but my many years of volunteering with youth services is what inspired me to work with the Vinnies youth team. That, and the community you are a part of, and knowing you are directly helping those in need!

– Kate, Metropolitan Youth Coordinator