Vinnies works with schools and universities across Australia to empower students to learn about social justice issues and take action. 

We want to help young people learn more about injustices in Australian society and help them build their skills as advocates and leaders, to create a more just and compassionate society.

Check out our School Newsletters to see some of the amazing things that school Vinnies groups are doing in NSW.

Primary Schools

Our primary school conferences, known as ‘Mini Vinnies’ groups, empower primary school students to become advocates within their school and local community by putting their values into action. They meet regularly to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the wider St Vincent de Paul Society. They are led by designated teachers, with support from Vinnies staff through resourcing and school visits.

Our Starter Kit will tell you all you need to know about starting up a Mini Vinnies. Check out our Resources page for loads of other resources too.

High Schools

Our High School Conferences are groups of students who meet together and run social justice initiatives and fundraisers in their school. They are student-led and supported by teachers. Vinnies staff provide resources, and can visit for talks and workshops.

Our High School Conference Guide has all you need to know about starting up a group at your school. Our Resources page also has lots of supplementary activities.

Uni’s, TAFES & Colleges

Several universities have a Young Adult Vinnies Group, Club or Conference. These groups operate as a club of the university, and the groups’ members volunteer with a range of Vinnies services and take part in advocacy and fundraisers throughout the year.

Our youth staff and reps can provide all the help you need to get started. Whether you want to start a group at your University or College, or are already part of one, we’re here to help. Go to the Contact Us page to find your local office.

Annual Fundraisers

Our schools and uni groups love getting involved in our Sleepouts, Winter Appeal and Christmas Appeal fundraisers each year, and we simply could not reach as far as we do without their support!

Read more about these and other ways to fundraise for Vinnies with your group on our Fundraising page.

You can also find resources on our Resource page, and this is updated every time a new event is launched.