Hey, I’m Jacinta, and I’m the Youth Social Justice Representative. My role is to encourage and empower Vinnies Youth Volunteers to be involved in advocating for and acting on social justice issues affecting ourselves and others within our community.

At Vinnies, we’re so active in advocacy, we’ve actually got a dedicated website just for that! Check it out here:


Over there you can:

  • Go deep on the key issues we’re campaigning on
  • Sign current petitions and help us get signatures
  • Register to attend our webinars on important issues
  • Find educational resources covering what we do, current issues, and getting started in Social Justice!

For schools and uni groups wanting to engage students in learning about social justice, take a look at our Resource page.

I recommend taking a look at our Primary and Secondary Social Justice Fact Sheets! These present relevant statistics alongside conversation starters and an outline of what we do. These are a great way to initiate discussion and promote thinking within your group, kickstarting your advocacy journey.

Head to our Resource page  to checkout more!