8 Resources On Homelessness That'll Get You Informed And Inspired. 

1. An inside look at what it’s like to experience homelessness.

Check out ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’, an interesting SBS program that encourages people with security and safety to consider what it is like to live without. It includes interactive videos and classroom activities.

2. Interactive snapshot on the stats.

Get a snapshot of where the highest rates of homelessness are across Australia and see whether homelessness if increasing or decreasing in your area. This site offers some clear nationwide stats to help start conversations about why homelessness may occur more (or less) in certain regions. Check out the 20 regions with the highest rate of homelessness for a start.

3. An online game that illustrates cost of living stressors.

It’s a US resource but it gets a strong point across – it’s hard to make it through the week when you’re living on the poverty line.

4. A nice clip from a young woman who was helped by Vinnies.

Hear from a young woman who found herself pregnant when she was homeless. Hear how Vinnies was able to help get her family back on track.

5. A Vinnies soup van hero.

How Vinnies Vans help people of all backgrounds who have fallen on hard times, providing conversation, a warm meal and drinks to people in need.

6. How could Australia learn from Finland’s solution to homelessness?

A quick article about the Housing First solution to homelessness and consider if this could work in Australia.

7. How two young people made a difference.

Two young guys saw an issue and decided to help make a difference. They stuck a washing machine and a dryer in the back of an old van so they could take to the streets and offer a mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness.

8. Household expenditure and how it can lead to homelessness

The Society’s National CEO Dr John Falzon talks about financial stress on Australian households and issues of poverty and inequality. It’s a quick six minute video that touches on current issues facing communities across Australia.

Additional resources that are too good to leave out!

Snapshot of key census data on unemployment and financial stress across NSW: http://www.justreinvest.org.au/jr-calculator/

Video & article: Former homeless youths record their road to recovery

Video & article: What is life really like on the streets when you’re experiencing homelessness

Video & article: Homeless in summer and the struggle to find shade and water

Article: Growing number of older Australians facing homelessness

Interactive presentation: Hobson’s Choice