Vinnies School Christmas Appeal 2021

Christmas is a time for hope and joy. This year, as with 2020, we’ve had our fair share of challenges once again, and at times it’s been tough to see the joy. But as we again approach the Christmas season, it’s a reminder to reflect on the good that has happened this year, as well as the hope we can bring to others. We invite you, whether it’s for the first or hundredth time to join the Vinnies Youth team as we pause and reflect on what we can do to make this Christmas season that little bit brighter for those who are really doing it tough.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate Christmas the Vinnies Way! 

Since this year’s been a little different, we thought we’d do things a little differently too. The Vinnies Youth team have put together our first ever Schools Christmas Appeal Video Series to launch the appeal to our school communities for 2021.

We hope you’ll follow along with the full series, but you can also pick and choose the videos that suit your family, group or classroom. Here is the full series:

Video 1: Introducing the Schools Christmas Appeal Video Series (3 min) – Watch now

Video 2: Inside Vinnies: A Zoom around our Services (16 min) – Watch now (NEW!)

Video 3: Christmas Card Competition Explainer (2 min) – Watch now

Video 4: Christmas Reflection (13 min) – Watch now (NEW!)

Video 5: Thank you from all of us at Vinnies (2 min) – Coming Week 4


Vinnies 12 Days of Christmas (printable worksheet)

Christmas Card Competition

We’re also this year holding our first ever Vinnies Schools Christmas Card competition for NSW. Five designs will be chosen and printed as the official Vinnies NSW member Christmas Cards for 2022. Checkout all of the information and submit your entries here! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

To Donate

For everything you need to know on how to donate, checkout this one page explainer: How To Give (printable PDF)

To donate funds gathered by your school offline, or to make an individual financial donation click here