Vinnies Christmas Appeal

This year we are again inviting schools to join with us in making a difference to people’s lives, by giving hampers or donating goods that can be made into hampers. The Vinnies Christmas Appeal asks the those who can to dig deep to help Vinnies provide food, support and a home to people in need this Christmas.

With 2.9 million people currently living below the poverty line in Australia, including over half a million children, your support allows the St Vincent de Paul Society to provide more than immediate help, it provides something much more valuable – the opportunity for a better life.

Download the Christmas Appeal Schools Kit for:

  • Information on how schools can take part
  • A case study and in classroom activity ideas
  • Key information, statistics and presentation tips to help raise awareness in your school
  • Printable classroom activity sheets
  • Contact details for local staff to assist you in this work

Give an educational Christmas or back to school gift

This Christmas, Vinnies and Box for Monkeys are teaming up to provide a range of Christmas and Back to School gifts that can be purchased to help Vinnies support children who are experiencing poverty and disadvantage.

Christmas and the start of the new school year can be both an exciting and anxious time for many families. Whilst for many it signals gift giving, the return to friends and a supportive community, for others like those that Vinnies supports, it may mean no gifts, new people, new places and no money to buy a Christmas gift or school supplies to kickstart their children’s education. Many of our homelessness support services have identified that a number of the families they assist are financially strained to provide joyful gifts or new school supplies for their children, particularly in situations where they are in unstable housing, single parents, and little disposable income.