Vinnies COVID-19 Winter Appeal School Resources

We hope you and your school community will be heartened in joining us in this year’s COVID-19 Winter Appeal.

We’ve created several resources to help engage students in learning about the impact of the pandemic on those experiencing poverty. These resources will help inspire students to do what they can to support themselves, one-another and the wider community in this difficult time.

Start by downloading the COVID-19 Winter Appeal Schools Guide by clicking on the link below. In this you will find everything you need to know to plan your successful Appeal.

COVID-19 Winter Appeal Schools Guide | Teachers

Next, you may like to use our Introduction presentation as a way of introducing the Appeal to your class. The introduction is best conducted as a class activity. You can also ask a Vinnies representative to come and give a presentation – depending on your schools regulations for visitors.

Introduction Powerpoint slides | All stages


We have developed a range of activities with certain stages in mind, however some can be adapted, so make sure to check them all out!

Keep Well and Look After Others Colouring In | Stage 1 and 2

Helping Others in Difficult Times Worksheet | Stage 2 and 3

Change and Feelings Reflection Activity | Stage 3 and 4

We Are the Society (Video Reflection) | Stage 4, 5 and 6

Please note: There may be some children in your class who may be experiencing poverty and the impacts of COVID-19, for whom these issues might trigger a strong emotional response.

To Donate

To create a personalised online school fundraising page click here

To donate funds gathered by your school offline, or to make an individual financial donation click here